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For many people, the term “biohazard clean-up” brings about feelings of apprehension, perhaps even fear. The concept is somewhat unfamiliar to the general public, as it is typically associated with the clean-up of crime scenes and chemical spills in laboratories. Though these assumptions are partially representative of the biohazard clean-up applications, they don’t represent the full picture. To better understand what “biohazard clean-up” truly entails, you must first understand what a biohazard is.

What does Biohazard means?

biohazard is any substance or object that poses a risk to human health or the environment, primarily in disease transmission. Some define such materials to have been a derivative of biological work – such as in the case of laboratory research. However, even your bodily fluids can be deemed a biohazard, especially in a sterile area, such as a hospital room or phlebotomy clinic. Regardless of where you are, this should be taken seriously and treated with great caution. Not every substance bearing the “biohazard” mark is equivalent to Chemical X, magically creating three little Power Puff Girls upon being accidentally spilled. Upon contact with your skin, eyes, or other sensitive areas of the body, you could be exposed to very serious, even lethal, side effects. For this reason, you must leave the handling of biohazardous materials and substances to highly trained individuals.

The most widely-recognized examples of biohazards include:

  • Waste and bodily fluids from diseased hospital patients
  • Laboratory cultures of infectious agents
  • Blood and plasma
  • Urine
  • Feces
  • Discarded sharps (glass, needles, scalpels, etc.)
  • Bodies (human and non-human)

Biohazard clean-up

Biohazard clean-up is the process of sanitizing, cleaning, and deodorizing an area that may have been contaminated by one or more biohazardous substances. This is not a job for the faint of heart and should not be considered something that can be turned into a DIY project. Biohazard clean-up requires extensive training and personal protective equipment (PPE), as this line of work presents numerous risks. One example of a biohazard clean-up service is that of a crime scene clean-up. This could entail removing dead bodies or clearing a drug lab. During these processes, which are also referred to as “remediation,” the goal of the clean-up is to remove any signs of the event and the biohazards that resulted from it. So, in the case of a death, the body, bodily fluids, and blood will be cleared from the site. This process requires much more than a simple carpet shampoo since the matter may have soaked to the floorboards underneath. In this case, a biohazard clean-up team would be prepared with the proper equipment and the permits required to transport and dispose of the waste.

Not every case that requires biohazard clean-up is this high in intensity, however. Biohazardous substances are not exclusive to humans. Many people who struggle with hoarding are often unknowingly exposed to the risks discussed here. For instance, animals like rats and raccoons find it incredibly easy to make a home in the clutter. Their feces and urine pose tremendous risks to the health of anyone who may come in contact with the contaminated belongings. A licensed biohazard clean-up team would be necessary in this case as well. Natural events such as floods can also introduce microorganisms and other chemicals into your home that can present severe risks to your health and safety. In many cases, these things would be recognized as biohazardous, and can only be effectively removed with the proper training, experience, permits, and equipment.

If your home or business has recently been contaminated with a biohazardous substance, contact us immediately. We are an IIRC certified team of technicians that are available to assist you 24/7. Biohazards are never to be taken lightly and should be left to licensed professionals. Our state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience will ensure that your home or business is entirely rid of dangerous substances so that you can proceed safely in your daily life. Give us a call right away to eliminate your risk of disease exposure.

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