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When something as tragic as a crime or other traumatic incident occurs in a home or business, the horror doesn’t end when the police arrive. After they investigate the incident and go on their way, a privately hired company should be brought in to clean up the mess. Trying to clean things up like that yourself wouldn’t just force you to relive the trauma; it can also be dangerous and expose you to health hazards. Rigorous training to properly disinfect the area, remove stains, and make repairs is necessary. Using personal protective equipment properly is a must, and in some instances, full hazmat suits may be required. The cleaning process may cause exposure to airborne or bloodborne pathogens or other hazards. 

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Can I do it myself?

After a person dies or is killed inside a building or vehicle, odors from decomposition or bodily fluids may be absorbed into fabrics in furniture and carpets, walls, floorboards, or sheetrock. The removal process may be lengthy and challenging, and the walls may have to be stripped bare or flooring torn out. Special filters, ozone machines, air scrubbers, and generators that concentrate UV light are used to break down pollutants. There’s also a problem with what you can see versus what’s actually there. A small amount of blood or other fluids that are visible in a carpet may indicate a larger pool is hanging around underneath it. 

It isn’t just a matter of getting stains out; however, special cleaning agents have to be used to sanitize the space. Clorox alone is not enough, and the scene should be completely decontaminated with a high-grade disinfectant. That’s true of things like blood or other bodily fluids, and even for things like tear gas that law enforcement officers may have used in an isolated space. Until those chemicals are completely removed, the area is considered a hazard and not safe for occupancy. This can often require hours of intense focus and tough physical labor.

Those same extreme precautions are also necessary when dealing with drugs. To clean up a drug lab, the EPA requires contaminated items to be removed and the interior structure, surrounding soil and nearby water be remediated using EPA-approved chemicals. The step-by-step process varies depending on the state or local government jurisdiction in which the incident occurred. If someone has overdosed and there are still drugs present, the cleanup team will have to operate in full hazmat gear to not accidentally ingest or breathe in those drugs. 

Once the scene is clear, the hazardous material has to be disposed of in a specific way. There are federal, state, and local regulations and the threat of major fines if the hazardous waste isn’t taken care of properly. Tennessee offers a household hazardous waste collection service, but that applies to things like batteries or pesticides; biohazards have to be properly stored, treated, delivered, and disposed of independently.

At American Veterans Restoration, we served in the military, and now we’re focusing on service to the people in and around Collierville. We care deeply about our community at our locally owned and operated business and are ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help. If tragedy strikes, let us take a big responsibility off of your plate. Contact us today for an estimate. 

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