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Few things are more worrisome to a homeowner than the sight of a sewer pipe that is backing up inside your home. Not only is it incredibly uncomfortable, but sewage that is being pumped inside your bathroom can carry with a whole host of diseases, bacteria, and viruses. Prompt removal is vital to ensuring that the damage is minimal. If left too long the water damage to your home can be tremendous, resulting in thousands of dollars in reconstruction and even mold abatement.

Cleanup is not a job that you should tackle alone. Fortunately, the American Veteran’s Restoration team is skilled, experienced, and ready to tackle any job, no matter how large. We are on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so don’t hesitate to call our office for an emergency or to set up an appointment.

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Are There Different Types Of Sewage Backups?

There are three different sewage types, distinguishable by their color: clear, gray, or black.
  • Clear water occurs when a simple pipe has broken and is flushing toilet or sink water through your home. Though you may not be at risk for bacteria, it can still cost hundreds of dollars in lost utilities, as well as damage, so make sure it’s taken care of as quickly as possible.
  • Gray water comes from another source, such as a dishwasher or a washing machine. As you can tell from its color, it has some bacteria present that can cause illness, but not as much as black water, which is potentially toxic if not cleaned up.
  • The main difference between gray and black water is that black water has direct contact with fecal matter, which increases the risk of disease exponentially. This type of water cannot just be dumped outside, as it could kill parts of the local ecosystem. Because of this danger, specialized suits and tools are required to clean up black water to minimize exposure and facilitate safe removal.

Can I Clean Up A Sewage Backup Myself?

Because of the presence of toxins inside sewage, it is highly recommended that you let a professional clean-up your sewage leak. Even if it doesn’t look hazardous, there could be microscopic parasites or bacteria that can harm humans and pets.

We also recommend protecting yourself and your family members from exposure by donning multiple protection levels: pants, extra shirts, even coats and gloves, and don’t forget goggles. During a sewage spill – even if it’s outside – the priority is protecting your loved ones from diseases that could result from even indirect contact.

Another thing you can do is shut off the source of the sewage spill if you can. Do not go anywhere near the sewage itself, but if you can turn off the main water pipe to the house, do that first. Then, call our offices and let our team of professionals handle it for you. Our team is outfitted with the latest and most responsible gear, and we are trained to handle extreme situations.

If you have a sewage issue, don’t hesitate. Call the team at American Veteran’s Restoration today. We are the #1 rated restoration company in Memphis and the surrounding areas.

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