Fire Damage Cleanup and Repair

Fire and smoke cause billions of dollars of property damage throughout the U.S. annually. When you have safety restored at your home or business, and the fire department and your insurance company have handled their business with you, it is time for you to get a plan in place for cleaning up and repairing your property. 

If you suffer a fire loss, it is critical to get us involved as quickly as possible. The professionals at American Veterans Restoration are available around the clock for emergency service and consultation with you on-site to begin the assessment of your situation. We understand your need to get your property cleaned and restored as quickly as possible, and we work diligently to give you an honest and reliable estimate of the time that we need to get everything back into shape.

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How do we do it?

We keep safety at a premium by using security boards, covers, and fencing during cleanup and repairs as needed. We take steps to preserve your building’s structural integrity pending repairs with necessary temporary supports. If standing water or excess moisture is present from extinguishers or leaks, we remove the water and use drying equipment to prevent further structural or environmental damage. When everything is secure and dry, we assess which materials must be removed and which can be repaired or properly cleaned on-site. We get the things that must go removed and disposed of or salvaged as quickly as possible.

In areas that only have smoke damage, we can normally remove soot and refinish and repaint surfaces that are not structurally defective. Smoke residue and lasting odor often permeate rooms and sections of buildings not directly harmed by fire, and we investigate the entirety of your building to ensure that these have been addressed as needed.

We then handle the structural repairs that are needed. We have years of experience in handling remediation construction involving carpentry, electrical and plumbing work, painting, roofing, HVAC systems, and related work. 

Especially for older buildings, a fire damage remediation project provides an ideal opportunity to upgrade fire resistance and safety features. Interconnected and networked smoke alarms with backup systems can be installed and integrated with security systems. Restoration materials and new furnishings that use modern design and construction for fire resistance can add long-term value and possible future insurance benefits. We can also help you decide if a fire damage remediation project makes for a good time to consider other renovations or upgrades that you have been considering.

Fire-damaged buildings

In addition to handling the restoration of property that you already own; we can also evaluate fire-damaged buildings that can make solid investment opportunities if the price is right and the cleanup and repair costs are manageable under the circumstances.

As a local company that is veteran-owned and operated, American Veterans Restoration approaches its daily mission with unmatched customer service as its primary focus. We are available 24-7 and our licensed, insured, and certified professional team is prepared to assess and assist with your fire damage problems. AVR is the top damage restoration and remediation firm serving Collierville, Germantown, and the entire Memphis metropolitan area. Contact us today to request an inspection regarding your fire cleanup and repair project.

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Our technicians are at the ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be at your location within 45 minutes on average.

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