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Freezing weather puts the plumbing in your home or business at serious risk. Pipes that are not insulated or in areas that are not heated are the most susceptible to freezing. In the Mid-South, we do not deal with extended freezing weather that lasts for weeks or months, but the occasional serious cold snaps we experience can expose insulation weaknesses that are not normally detected. A few hours of deep-freeze temperatures can allow cold outside air to cause ice formation in your plumbing.

While people often think pipes burst right where ice forms inside a pipe, plumbing damage often occurs further inside structures where water damage can be a much more difficult problem. When ice forms inside a pipe, expansion causes pressure to rapidly build-up, placing stress on the entire system. As a result, ruptures can happen at faucets, joints, or along weaker parts of the plumbing. When the water is flowing again, it can escape at the breakage points, flooding interior areas.

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Pipes Installation

Pipes that are not properly installed or secured move around with pressure changes as water is turned on or off inside a building. The rattling or banging you may hear in pipes is called a water hammer, leading to joint damage, and eventually bursting the plumbing. Corrosion over time can also lead to plumbing weakness and burst pipes.

If you are experiencing a burst pipe emergency, immediately contact us to begin assessing your situation with you and get help on the way. Shut off the main water valve serving your property if possible and avoid water that might be exposed to electrical wiring or fixtures. We begin work on containing and then removing water and locating damaged parts of your plumbing system. The highest priority is placed on eliminating dangerous conditions as quickly as possible and minimizing the water damage that requires repair and remediation. Flood water is removed, and the drying process is started as soon as possible.

Pipes Damage

When leaks and plumbing damage have been located, the damaged pipes, joints, and fixtures are repaired or replaced so that the plumbing system can be brought back online as normal. We determine the source of cold air that may have caused freezing to properly seal and insulate exposed areas and ensure that plumbing is properly wrapped, secured, and insulated based on its location and exposure.

When the threat of further damage has been removed, and the plumbing system is properly repaired, we begin the remediation process for structures and areas damaged by water leaking or flooding. Our cutting-edge drying and remediation technology can minimize the risk of permanent water damage and help prevent mold and mildew from forming, or other growth that is unhealthy and can significantly affect property values.

American Veterans Restoration is a company founded and managed by local veterans with service as their primary mission. Our licensed, insured, and certified technicians are available around the clock seven days of the week to handle burst pipe emergencies on your property. We are your go-to team for expert and professional damage mitigation and restoration in Collierville, Germantown, Shelby, and Fayette Counties, and throughout the Northwest Mississippi and Memphis metropolitan areas. Contact us today for emergency service or to discuss your remediation needs with a free estimate.

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