Animal Hoarder Cleanup & Repairs

Pet owners everywhere can tell you that furry friends spread love and joy everywhere they go; and they’re right. According to studies, owning a pet increases your chances for happiness and success. Unfortunately, you can still have too much of a good thing, and animal hoarding can have dangerous consequences for animals and humans alike. Every year, authorities witness more than 3,500 cases of animal hoarding. Moreover, data suggests that there are 700 to 2,000 new cases annually in the United States . Though cats and dogs are the most commonly hoarded pets, situations can occur with almost every pet imaginable, including rats and reptiles.

The same concerns for typical pet ownership, such as taking care of litter or flea prevention, apply to animal hoarding—only multiplied. With numerous animals that have needs, there are often too many things to take care of, resulting in excessive mess and neglect to the home. In extreme cases, excrement can be found covering the floors, furniture, and nearly every surface imaginable.

Cleaning up an animal hoarder’s home can be extremely difficult and even hazardous without the proper equipment. Remediation often involves a combination of sterilization and home repairs that require a high degree of expertise known only by professionals. 

Clean-Up And Sanitation

An essential component of animal hoarding cleanup deals with the potential biohazards that pose a very real threat to your health. Eighty percent of animal hoarding properties contain diseased, dying, or dead animals, making indoor air quality an undeniable concern when it comes to animal hoarding cleanup. Ammonia produced by decaying waste can irritate eyes and the upper respiratory system and is considered toxic in high concentrations.

On top of decomposing remains, the substantial presence of feces and urine threatens to expose anyone involved in the cleanup process to pathogens capable of causing severe medical conditions and illnesses. Deodorization, another essential step, can be extremely difficult without strong chemicals and deodorizing techniques. The remediation process is undoubtedly dangerous and necessitates proper safety equipment and knowledge of dealing with potential biohazards. As such, standard cleaning services are incapable of dealing with animal hoarding cleanup

Remodeling And Repairs

Animal hoarding can also be destructive to homes, causing extreme deterioration. Once a biohazard crew has sanitized the house for occupancy, a contractor may need to come in and ensure structural integrity. Animal hoarding homes often suffer from damages caused by rampant pets or neglect, including but not limited to dirty or broken windows and furniture and holes or breakages in walls and flooring . Frequently, materials and objects can be damaged beyond repair and need to be removed and replaced. There may also be potential fire hazards that need urgent attention, such as extreme clutter, damaged electrical wiring caused by pets or pests, and plumbing issues. Complete restoration requires an expert eye and construction knowledge.

Professional Animal Hoarder Clean-Up

At American Veterans Restoration, we provide comprehensive services for cleaning up homes damaged by animal hoarding. We can do it all, from disposing of biohazards and sanitizing surfaces to repairing building damage caused by pests. Our licensed technicians have extensive experience with handling potentially dangerous materials and using proper safety equipment. Call us today to revitalize your home and make it feel like new again.

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